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Norton Internet security 2018 is one of the fastest and on-click lightest risk protection software. Norton ensures the PC, Network and all kind of online Activities to fight today’s speedy attacks. Norton security software Include multi-layered safety measure technologies.

Norton offer both Free and Premium version as well, Norton Security premium version 2018 offers safe computers back-up and antivirus as well for your PC, Mac and all kind of smart devices. Norton Security offers a key of technologies that can individually run on all kind of devices for their security and stability.

Features of Norton

  • Norton gives option on maternal control.
  • It offers firewall capability in terms of outside attacks on networks and on personal PC
  • Norton Security mechanically senses botnets and ensures that the system is safe and sheltered from online hackers.
  • Norton working video can be seen.

Norton Internet security offer refined benefits to all computer users from the novice of the programmer to function safely and efficiently. Norton premium version ensure the security of system and even Norton security use less memory as compare to other programs. It turns OFF the unnecessary programs those slow down the system to speed up.

Norton Internet security performs hard drive De fragmentation and searches the useless files from drive and delete those files. After all Norton provide PC backup on cloud up to 25GB.Norton offer inclusive solution for cyber-security and other attacks and check the update after every 15 minutes. It offers security identity with secure login authentication. Its enable users to get in save state in case of visiting unsafe and deceitful websites.

Norton Internet Security

Reason to use Norton:

  • surprisingly , Norton offers more than Easy-to-use service for any technical or non-technical user
  • It offers to use Norton for 10 systems on a single subscription key.
  • It use semantic thread and secure intelligence network comprise teams of security experts.
  • It offer guaranteed protection even in a free version or paid.
  • It offers a free scan of whole system via online linking.
  • It reviews the scan results and offer best solutions to get your PC successively at its best.
  • It offers a free scan of whole system via online linking.


Comp of Standard &Premium.

Norton Internet security was the very first version released in 2014, most of the users query questions like which one is useful and have better output. with attention to get clear answer Norton Security based pictures show’s difference below.

Number of Device support                                         up to 1                                  up to 10

Supported OS                                                             Windows, Mac OS® X,           Windows, Mac OS® X

Multiple Device protection                                          No                                          Yes

Backup and Restore option                                         No                                          Yes

Online Storage Space                                                  No                                          Yes

Free 24hr-7day support                                               Yes                                         Yes


Supported Version

Norton support Windows 7, 8, 10, Window XP and Vista.

frequently, Norton also supports Mac OSx and Linux.

Norton especially support Android 4.3 or later like 4.0

It supports iOS 9 or later.

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