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Opera Mini  For many of us, web browsing is a central problem in our computing. We browse from all of our devices.  We want our browsers to be soft and fast, elegant, easy to use and fast. Adding the above features and providing the ability to only display web pages as created by the designer

opera mini has certainly been around for 20 years and a long time. It is still not widely known, and currently accounts for less than five percent of the global market for browsers. But don’t let that put you off. The shape determines the range of Opera offers.  Anyone looking for a change from the browser they’ve been using for years and years wants to see it.

The Windows version we are seeing here, as well as the free Opera version for Android, iOS, Mac and Linux.

opera mini Vertical Sidebar:

When using a laptop or tablet to browse the web, we prefer a wider screen. Opera’s sidebar hosts all the shortcuts. Where they can be click or press on a vertical bar on the left side of the application window. The sidebar here does not take up much vertical space, which is very useful for viewing information. After installing Opera, the sidebar offers several useful features, including Popup Instant Search Bar, MyFlow – Android or iOS, Bookmarks, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for sharing content with Opera for shortcuts, settings and many more

Opera Mini Screenshot Tool:

There are times when you need to quickly grab a screen to share with another person – it’s easier to show than to say. Sitting in the right-hand sidebar is a screenshot tool. Click it, and then drag the crop window that you see in the area where you want to take the screenshot and click Capture. The work is complet.

Opera Mini Video Popout:

Drag a video from the main Opera window and make it on the screen, where you like it on the screen, and then browse in the Opera, but your video will happily play elsewhere on the screen. This is useful if you want to focus on sports fixtures or live while doing something else at the same time.

Switch On The Fly: Online shoppers get automatic currency conversion on the fly, time zones are easily changed so international connections are invalid, and weights and measurements can be changed. Select the one you want to change and the rest will do the opera.

opera mini Extensions:

There is a strong library of extensions, which can be add to the sidebar for really fast and easy access.

Built-in Ad Blocker: Adblockers can be painful for web blocks. When a site relies on ads for revenue, users who block it create problems. Opera has an add-in blocker that allows you to set up ad blocking and configure exceptions for certain sites so that you can see ads on sites you want to support this way.


Slightly tricky settings: You need to go into a little setting to find all the details, and some options are not properly explained – for example when you set up a VPN you can bypass the VPN for your default search engine – this is useful if Opera explains why it is useful (search engines can understand your search history).

Not many extensions of Chrome: If you’re a true fan of extensions and you’re moving from Chrome to Opera, you can find the Avella range.


Free VPN: People have chosen to use VPN because it can track all kinds of web trackers using an IP address different from your original address where you are using the Internet – and by creating websites where you feel like you’re coming from a completely different country. VPNs also encrypt your data. Between these two features they protect your security and keep you anonymous online. Opera built on VPN is out of the expectation that you have to do research and even pay for one. As a result many people have the option of using a VPN. It can be easily turned on and off as needed.


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