Screen Recorder Windows 10 – Record your PC/Laptop screen

Screen Recorder for Windows 10 introduction

Screen Recorder Windows 10 is awesome screen capture tenders available. However, for those who want to do image and video capturing on-the-cheap, Microsoft includes screen recording software in Windows 10’s new Xbox app.

Capturing of the simple static screenshot is simple as you think; the user can hit the print screen or any other snipping tool to capture the screen and most of them are free of cost. The user might famine to try out Windows 10’s unseen tools. It’s designed for gamers, but everybody can use it.

In the above screenshot, the user has to hit on the record button to start capturing and then to stop capturing user needs to hit again to stop that. Windows 10 has a built-in feature for users that enable users to record a video clip up to 2 hours. Most of the users didn’t notice about it because it’s hidden away inside the Xbox app.

As a screen recording app called Game DVR, which is designed to capture the video game footage, but it does not just work for games, it works for any app as you require.

screen recorder windows 10 recording steps

  • The first step in user of Xbox app is to open it via open the start menu and go to All app >> Xbox.
  • Once you set the Xbox then the user can open the Game bar inside any other app bar. At the time of first-time open user can view the popup with an option that “Do you want to open Game bar”, click on Yes and then after a while, the screen will appear.
  • It will not record full screen not even will record the mouse movement as well.
  • The user can find your new features in the video clip on the Xbox app. User clicks the Xbox button on the Game bar, or the user can open the Xbox app from the Startup the menu of the window. On the left side of the window   Xbox app, user can see a series of icons and then Click the icon that looks like an Xbox manager in front of a film strip to open the Game DVR menu
  • The Game bar is pretty limited when it comes to screen recorder as well, but a user can adjust some video recording setting from the game bar setting. The user can set the maximum length of video like 30 minutes or 1 hour or 2 hours like that.

Screenshots For Help

Screen Recorder Windows 10
Screen Recorder Windows 10


Installation Process:

  • After downloading the software run the installation file.
  • A user needs to follow the instructions on your screen.
  • After clicking on Agree Terms and Condition the  installation will complete,
  • After that, the program opens automatically.
  • The user will see a launch window with lots of suggestions with different options.
  • To record screen video, click Record screen.

Click the Record button then recording will begin after a short count of time. If you require a break, click Pause; to finish the recording to video, click Stop. There are lots of hotkeys: press F9 to pause/resume, F10 to stop, and F8 to grab a still screenshot. It also allows editing the screen as per requirement, it’s also allow to Export or import of video as well.